Thursday, January 20, 2005

a landmark...

well... ot took me almost a week to write again, but here I am. Last weekend wasn't that interesting, basically at home, surfing the web and reading University texts. Today (Wednesday) I added another cool thing to my book of life. I used a satellite phone! I know that to many people that might be a common thing, but to an average costarrican like myself, it was quite cool. Now I have to learn all its uses, because I will be teaching how to use it to people at work!
I've having some problems with my mother's loan too. Even though I should be paying for it, I accepted to help my mom, and now I'm having a hard time with the payments (a total rip off).
I have classes tomorrow, so hopefully I'll let my instructor and peers know about this page. Remember I'm waiting for your comments!


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